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The retail industry is a giant in the modern economy, ranging from the high street to online stores. This sector is where businesses of all sizes strive to connect with customers, offer countless products, and provide memorable shopping experiences. It is important for the retail sector to create these connections through communications strategies, as well as keep their products secure.

We provide many products and services for the retail sector, from secure packaging and labels that safeguard the product authenticity to cutting-edge communication strategies that enhance customer engagement. We are able to boost the retail experience and provide not only security, but also efficiency and effectiveness. With our innovative technology and commitment to quality, we ensure that retailers can thrive, build trust and connect with their customers whilst navigating the competitive landscape with confidence.

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Top products and services for the retail sector

The retail sector benefits from many of our products and services, ranging from highly targeted communication strategies to stock labelling and secure gift cards. This is a competitive sector thriving off of customer engagement, therefore there is room for many of our products and services to help businesses thrive.

Gift card

Gift Cards

Integrity Group is able to craft completely customisable, high-quality and secure gift cards that elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Ensure customers receive the perfect gift buying experience with your branding in their pockets using our gift cards today.

Retail website

Transactional Websites

Step into the online realm and boost your online presence with our secure transactional website solutions. We design and develop secure, seamless and user-friendly websites that drive conversions and enhance your digital success.

membership cards

Plastic Card Printing

Here at Integrity Group we are able to craft high-quality plastic cards such as membership and loyalty cards. These help to create lasting connections with your valued customers, building consumer loyalty whilst representing your brand.


Long Service Awards

With Integrity Group’s long service awards, you are able to recognise dedication and commitment within the workplace. Our tailored awards celebrate milestones and help you create that sense of achievement within your team, fostering employee loyalty and motivation.

Food Packaging Labels


Change the game with our precision-crafted labels that combine design and functionality. Boost efficiency and presentation by enhancing brand visibility whilst conveying essential information. We provide a wide range of various labels to streamline business processes.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Personalised communication is important for every sector, and doing so through email allows for an instant and far reach to send highly targeted messages to your audience. Our strategic approach delivers engaging and targeted email campaigns that drive conversions, build relationships, and increase your digital reach.

Plain Integrated Labels

Returns Labels

ICG provides returns labels for the retail sector, simplifying the product return process. These labels enhance customer experience, streamline return logistics, and boost brand loyalty by making returns hassle-free and efficient.

Food Labels

Food and Drink Labels

We offer customised food and drink labels for the retail, ensuring product branding, compliance and vital information presentation. These labels are able to enhance shelf appeal and boost sales whilst promoting your branding and product effectively.

Direct mail

Direct Mail Stationery

We are able to supply direct mail stationery to the retail industry, improving marketing outreach. Our stationery enhances branding and messaging, fostering customer engagement, and driving sales growth through personalised, targeted and impactful communication.

Brand protection

Brand Protection

Integrity Communications Group provides brand protection labels for retailers, safeguarding products from counterfeiting and tampering. These labels ensure authenticity, protect brand reputation, and maintain consumer trust, bolstering market integrity and brand loyalty.

Blank Roll Labels

Thermal Labels

We offer thermal labels for the retail sector, ensuring quick and cost-effective labelling solutions. Our labels enhance pricing accuracy and inventory management, leading to streamlined operations and reduced errors, ultimately improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Integrity Group offers comprehensive fulfilment services for retailers, streamlining order processing, inventory management, and shipping. Our expertise ensures timely and accurate order fulfilment, reducing overhead costs and enhancing customer satisfaction for a competitive edge in the retail industry.

shelf edge labels

Shelf Edge Labels

We are able to offer shelf edge labels for the retail sector, enhancing product pricing and information display. Our labels improve in-store organisation, pricing accuracy, and customer shopping experience.

Why choose ICG?

When you decide to partner with us at Integrity Communication Group in the retail sector, you open the door to a diverse range of products and services. Our proficient team and commitment to quality are here to provide tailored retail solutions that precisely match your specific needs.

Whether you’re in need of efficient labelling solutions or streamlined retail communications, our aim is to empower your success through state-of-the-art technology and a dedication to integrity.

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