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The charity sector aids society by addressing social and humanitarian issues by providing essential services and fostering a sense of community. This sector hosts many organisations to improve the overall well-being of individuals and communities in need. The charity sector remains as an essential force for good, bringing hope and assistance to those facing adversity around the world.

Integrity Group plays an important role in supporting the charity sector’s missions and goals with the use of our print and communication services. We offer impactful marketing materials, important documentation, communication services and much more. We are able to empower the charity sector to reach wider audiences, raise more funds and make a positive impact on the communities and causes they serve.

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Top products & Services for charities

We offer a huge range of services for the charity industry, browse our most popular solutions below.

Direct mail

Direct mail stationery

We are able to supply direct mail stationery to the charity sector. This offers cost-effective materials that enhance fundraising and donor engagement efforts. By doing so, it empowers charities to optimise their communication strategies and maximise their impact.

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Door drops

Our door drops allow the charity sector to increase visibility, foster community engagement and drive donations by reaching potential supporters at their doorsteps. This ensures an impactful and cost-efficient outreach strategy.

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We offer design services for charities to create eye-catching materials that boost their message and credibility, helping them engage donors and achieve their missions more effectively.

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Integrated labels

Integrated labels

Our integrated labels streamline operations for charities by combining shipping labels and packaging, saving time and reducing errors. This cost-effective solution enhances efficiency, making order fulfilment and donation processing smoother and more accurate.

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Direct Mail

Mailing services

Our mailing services for charities simplify the process of reaching donors and supporters, ensuring that critical messages and appeals are delivered efficiently. This convenience boosts fundraising efforts and strengthens connections with the community.


Donor declaration forms

Our user-friendly donor declaration forms simplify the donation process, enhancing transparency, trust and efficiency. This can foster stronger donor relationships and provide a smoother experience for the charity sector.

Posting letters

Postal management

Postal management services for the charity sector are the perfect solution for reducing costs and improving communication with donors. This enhances efficiency, allowing charities to focus on their more important goals.

swing tickets

Swing tickets

Integrity Group offers swing tickets for the charity sector, helping enhance brand visibility and communicate messages effectively. Our cost-effective solution strengthens charity branding and raises awareness.

Membership services

Membership services

Integrity Group delivers comprehensive membership services for the charity sector, simplifying member management and engagement. Our platform enhances donor retention, fosters community growth, and drives sustainable support for charitable causes.

Why choose ICG?

When you choose Integrity Communications Group as your trusted partner in the charity sector, you are able to benefit from our comprehensive range of products and services. You are able to count on our expert team and dedication to ethical practices to deliver bespoke charity communication solutions that align perfectly with your unique needs.

Whether you require security printing, effective communications or consultancy, we are able to ensure your success with our cutting-edge technology and commitment to integrity.

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