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The healthcare sector is vital for global well-being. This sector hosts professionals, institutions, and services devoted to preserving and improving people’s health and safety. From hospitals and clinics to research facilities and pharmaceutical companies, Integrity Group is able to offer a wide range of products and services to support every aspect of this critical field.

Our range of products and services are able to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare sector. From our label printing solutions that can streamline the day to day work in the healthcare sector to our specimen bags which help track and transport sensitive biological materials. We are able to offer our products and services to support the healthcare sector in delivering better patient outcomes whilst optimising and streamlining operational processes.

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Top products and services for the healthcare sector

Welcome to our finest products and services available for the healthcare sector. In this section, we'll showcase the top innovations that are changing the way healthcare works. From advanced labelling solutions to specimen bag production, we offer a variety of solutions making healthcare better.

Integrated labels

Integrated Labels

Our integrated labels are able to streamline processes in the healthcare industry. This is done by combining various labels such as shipping labels with patient information or specimen details. Integration reduces errors, enhances tracking and delivery as well as improving efficiency.

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Printer Labels

Self Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels offer convenience and versatility in the healthcare sector. They can be easily applied to various medical supplies, providing efficient inventory management, patient identification, and organisation.

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Plain Labels

Plain Labels

Plain labels serve as a flexible solution in the healthcare sector, allowing customisation for specific needs. They enable clear and concise information labelling on a variety of items, promoting organisation, record-keeping, and compliance with healthcare standards and regulations.

barcode lab labels

Laboratory Labels

Laboratory labels are very important in the healthcare sector, ensuring accurate sample identification and data tracking. These specialised labels enhance the precision and efficiency of research, diagnostics, and clinical testing in laboratory settings, supporting reliable healthcare outcomes.

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Specimen bags

Specimen Bags

We are experts in providing specimen bags for various industries, especially the healthcare sector. These bags provide secure and hygienic storage for biological samples, allowing them to travel safely and be easily identifiable. Specimen bags help maintain sample integrity, prevent any cross contamination and contribute to accurate diagnoses.

Digital Labels

Pharmaceutical Labels

We are able to follow strict regulations and provide high quality and precise label solutions for the healthcare industry with our pharmaceutical labels. These labels provide clear dosage details, instructions and easy to understand designs. Using quality printing helps ensure safety and effectiveness for medicine.

Clarity Mail

Hybrid Mail

Our hybrid mail solutions simplify communication by merging digital and traditional mail solutions. We are able to digitise documents, print and deliver them with efficiency. By doing so, it reduces admin workload and enhances data security, all whilst providing crucial medical information with care.

Direct Mail

Regulatory Mailings

Providing regulatory mailing for healthcare ensures timely document submissions, keeping compliance intact. This reliability reduces legal risks, fosters transparency, and improves patient care and industry reputation.



We are able to provide fulfilment services to the healthcare sector to streamline supply chain management. This allows for an efficient, secure and accurate product distribution which reduces any disruptions. By doing so, it enhances patient care efficiency.



Our high quality booklets offer important information on medical conditions, treatments, and preventive measures. This enhances health literacy and improves patient care in the healthcare sector.

Bespoke Software

Bespoke Software Development

We offer custom software for healthcare, boosting efficiency, data management, and patient care. This helps the healthcare industry streamline processes, improve accuracy, and deliver better patient care and outcomes.

Why choose ICG?

When you select Integrity Healthcare Communications as your trusted partner in the healthcare sector, you can take advantage of our extensive array of products and services. You can rely on our proficient team and unwavering commitment to ethical standards to provide tailored healthcare communication solutions that precisely match your specific requirements.

Whether you need efficient label solutions, effective healthcare mail communications, or specimen bags, we can guarantee your success with our state-of-the-art technology and dedication to integrity.

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