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The finance sector is at the centre of economic growth and stability, and it is crucial for managing and directing financial resources. From insurance companies to big banks, this giant of a sector shapes the global economy.  This sector is a realm where security, trust, technology and expertise are needed, which is why we provide these elements within our products and services for the finance sector.

As a sector that relies heavily on security, it is important for its resources to be completely secure from counterfeiting or fraudulent activity. This allows their customers to feel at ease with safe documents and services and helps build trust and loyalty. With the use of our innovative security features and cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide secure, effective and high-quality products and services for the finance sector in many ways.


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Top products and services for the finance sector

We offer a huge range of services for the finance industry, browse our most popular solutions below.

Document automation

Document Automation

We are able to provide document automation for the finance sector by integrating software with existing systems, reducing manual tasks and ensuring compliance. Our templates and algorithms generate precise financial documents, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in reporting and analysis.

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Data analytics

Data Analytics

Every sector needs data analytics to understand how they are performing and how they can improve. We are able to provide data analytics that offer deep insights, enhancing financial strategies, risk assessment, and performance analysis.

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Cheque Printing

Cheque Printing

We offer thorough cheque printing services for the finance sector. Our cheques provide the efficiency and security for your business that you require. With bespoke templates and cutting-edge technology, we ensure accurate and compliant cheques, streamlining financial transactions.

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Mailing Services

Our mailing services can provide the
Our finance-sector mailing services encompass direct mail, clarity mail, and web-to-print solutions. With precision and speed, we facilitate secure, targeted communication, enhancing client engagement, regulatory compliance, and cost-effective operations.

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Business Forms

Business Forms

We are able to create bespoke business forms for the finance sector. Our business forms are designed to meet industry standards, ensuring seamless documentation. These forms are made to provide your business with the efficient record keeping and financial documentation you need.

SMS Marketing


Our e-services for the finance sector encompass SMS marketing, email marketing, and app development. We create personalised digital solutions to optimise client engagement, streamline communications, and develop user-friendly apps for enhanced financial interactions and services.


Certificate Printing

We are able to print high quality and secure certificates for the finance sector. These ensure the security, compliance and legitimacy you require. Our specialised services and technology offer precise, tamper evident certificates for financial institutions.



We offer finance sector consultancy with experienced experts, helping you navigate complexities. We provide tailored strategies for better operations, risk management, and financial growth.

Why choose ICG?

When you choose Integrity Communications Group as your trusted partner in the finance sector, you are able to benefit from our comprehensive range of products and services. You are able to count on our expert team and dedication to ethical practices to deliver bespoke financial communication solutions that align perfectly with your unique needs.

Whether you require security printing, effective communications or consultancy, we are able to ensure your success with our cutting-edge technology and commitment to integrity.

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